May 10

The Operation!

“Gulp”! Swallowed the dog!

Out in the family backyard the Walker family were having a picnic.

“What was that”? Questioned dad!

The family walked over to the dog lying ill on the floor groaning! “I think he’s eaten something”! Said the kids!

“Oh no the keys”! They all whispered in unison!

The Walker family had a bad habit of losing their keys in very weird ways!

“I know it’s in there” Screamed mum as she put her hand up the dogs bum!

“It’s not going to work, we need something more powerful”! Planned dad!

So they went and got the chainsaw! “HOWL”! Howled the dog as a horrible blade cut his back open, he slowly fell to the floor…

3 months later!

They visited the dog’s grave.

PS: They didn’t even get the keys out in the end!


May 9

100 word challenge

prompt: I just couldn’t eat something so…

Today my mum cooked dinner. It was cauliflower and cold slaw. My mum said that if I ate it I would get an hours extra TV which would be great. I didn’t eat it i just couldn’t eat something so gross even if it meant that I wouldn’t get an hours extra TV. Now 3 hours later I am in my bed feeling really hungry I guess eating that cod slaw and cauliflower would have been worth it after all.

100 word challenge site

May 4

Hello world!

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