December 4

100 word challenge!

one day bob the builder came home to a mess so he screamed and turned evil and he destroyed all of his buildings and screamed for the second time. hey said his neighbour be quiet  i’m sleeping.

sorry said bob.

its okay said his neighbour.

so bob went back to quietly raging!!!!!

BOB PLEASE COME TO THE WHITE HOUSE said the presedent over the loud speaker

mean while


sorry we havnt finished this we will finish it soon biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

December 3

100 word challenge

one day conspiracy sudan went to KFC and bought a chicken he ate it in 5 seconds when he got home he saw something weird it was a giant chicken the chicken walked up to him and said.


so conspiracy screamed and ran and then fainted 2 hours later!!!

conspiracy woke up over a fire, she was hanging by a stick and she was getting really hot all of the giant and small chickens  were chanting eat her, eat her, eat her!

but a really nice and forgiving chicken said hop on my back so she did and ran off into the distance!!!





December 2

book review

today im going to do a book report on tom gates number 1.


this book is really well made and is good for kids that are 7 to 11.


this book has lots of laughs but serious things to but the main character is a normal boy that has normal friends hes just a bit, well unlucky!!!!


i would rate this book  😝😝😝😝  and a half stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 30

the operation

Gulp! swallowed the dog !

Out in the walker family backyard the walker family were having a picnic.

“what was that”? Questioned dad!

the family walked over to the dog lying ill on the floor.

“i think hes eaten something! said the kids!

“oh no the keys” they all yelled in unison!

the walker family had a bad habitat of losing there keys in terrible ways.

“i know its in there” screamed mum as she put her hand up the dogs bum!

” its not going to work, we need something more powerful” said dad!

so they went and got the chainsaw HOOOOWL howled the dog as a horrible blade cut his back in half!

3 months later!

they visited the dogs grave.

PS: they didn’t get the keys out!!!!!

November 30

the great book of poems

Poems Number 1!

Billy Bob!

Billy Bob is a bear,

Billy Bob has a pear,

Billy Bob likes to share,

Billy Bob is very fair,

Billy Bob loves his hair,

Billy Bob loves his pear,

Billy Bob loves to share,

Billy Bob loves his chair,

Billy Bob shreds his hair,

Billy Bob has no hair.

Chicken Dinner!

Chicken Dinner liked to play,

Chicken Dinner liked to sway,

Chicken Dinner loves Craig,

Chicken Dinner talks to Craig,

Chicken Dinner loves Craig,

Chicken Dinner is no more.


I scream,

You scream,

We all scream,

We all scream for ice-cream!





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November 30


The Jeff War!

Volume .2

by: Spencer Plunkett and Luka Anderson!


In 2050 two castles battled it out and slowly destroyed each other.

J.E.F.F. Base VS 21 Castle!



When king Pennywise became king he created a new secret weapon which was called evil mutant mushroom, E.M.M for short. E.M.M was a shapeshifter he could turn into anything he wanted. His favourite was a giant that crush buildings. No one knew what he actually looked like.


As 21 Army was getting their tanks prepared, they noticed a bomb inside one of their tanks. So they SCREAMED AND RAN. After all the screaming and running they called their King. He said to disarm the bomb…

But all of a sudden…

…the bomb exploded!

Most of the people survived.

After that the 21 king got really angry and sent 5 million tanks and cannons to destroy the Jeff base but the Jeff base just got their new weapon E.M.M and he crushed all of the tanks in less than 10 minutes.

Chapter 3 S.E.P

The 21 army was developing so fast that they already had another secret weapon S.E.P (Super evil peanut) S.E.P was so powerful he could take down E.M.M.

Chapter 4 Bye, Bye E.M.M

The J.E.F.F army sent E.M.M to the 21 base to check out 21 army’s new secret weapon. He couldn’t see because S.E.P put pepper spray in his eyes and set off the lasers. TO BE CONTINUED


November 28

The Jeff War!

By: Luka Anderson and Spencer Plunkett!
“On day dere woz a deffy,” (this is how the Jeff people speak),
Meanwhile at 21 castle they were planning an attack.

CHAPTER 1 the money room!
At the J.E.F.F base king Jeffy was making a money machine. So he could buy 100 more tanks and cannons. He was just about to enter the money room but the 21 army attacked with their secret weapon BOBBY the police man. He died straight away because the J.E.F.F army defended with 100 cannons and tanks.
Later on King Jeffy visited the money room.

CHAPTER 2 the secret weapon
After he went in the money room he visited his secret weapon to feed him his daily duck, but he was feeling angry and ate king Jeffy!
So they needed a new king!

CHAPTER 3 the new king
After the funeral people put their names up to be the new king including the secret weapon.
The secret weapon became King